Monthly Archives: July 2010

Fun and Games

How can areas like Kilburn profit from Camden’s Olympic dividend? A question posed at a Camden scrutiny committee.

A brand new beat

The brand new High Road police squad is good news for Kilburn traders and residents


You know summer has truly come when you’re looking forward to the Kilburn Festival in Kilburn Grange park on Sunday 11th.

The 30 pieces of silver party

Hampstead & Kilburn’s new Labour MP, Glenda Jackson, made short shrift of the ConDem Government’s Budget on the last day of debate in the Commons on Monday this week. In a barnstorming speech she called the measures “Thatcherism dressed up for the twenty-first century”, spelling out the damage the welfare cuts would do to the most […]

Labour gives reprieve to Kilburn's UK online centres

At the Camden Council meeting on Monday, the new Labour leader Cllr Nash Ali, announced that the cuts which had been planned by the previous Tory-Lib Dem administration to UK online centres in the borough were being ditched.