A brand new beat

I was pleased to be able to join a smallish throng on the High Road today (Wednesday) for the official launch of the new Kilburn High Road police squad.

Although this might not seem at first hand like revolution, anybody who knows the distance a simple borough boundary can create in public service delivery will know that it is a far-sighted move by the Met to create this team covering both Camden and Brent Borough Commands.

As both Borough Commanders, Chief Superintendents Dominic Clout (Camden) and Matthew Gardner (Brent) said, criminals don’t respect artificial boundaries like the High Road, so we need to think past them. Talking to traders involved with Kilburn Business Friends today, I know they whole-heartedly agree; well done to them too, for their hard work and persistence in pushing for this.

The direct benefits won’t just be felt by local businesses either. This new squad frees up our existing Safer Neighbourhood Teams to focus on residents and their problems with anti-social behaviour. As a ward councillor, I’m pleased that Sgt Eddie Odita and his excellent team will now beable to focus exclusively on residents on our streets and estates.

All in all, a very good day for Kilburn.

The new squad meets the press on the High Road

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