Chippenham Gardens comes alive

Cllrs Oladapo, Ogunro, Singh amd Arnold at the opening of the new Chippenham Gardens square

For years abandoned and left to the mercy of the pigeons, the redesigned and new Chippenham Gardens square has been officially opened by Brent Mayor Cllr Harbhajan Singh.
Mr Singh praised the site and the work of Kilburn’s three Labour councillors, Mary Arnold, Ben Ogunro and Tayo Oladapo.
The councillors have made Chippenham Gardens one of their top priorities, pushing hard to deliver a project that is not only community friendly but is also of economic benefit to Kilburn.
Formerly an eyesore, the new square is now an attractive place where families can relax amid a vibrant community, traders can set up stall, entertainers can perform and a visitors can find a plethora of other sociable activities and uses.
Ideas for how Chippenham Gardens can benefit the community and how to solve the pigeon problem can be sent to the councillors.

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