Rally against spending cuts, October 20. Assemble 4.30pm Lincoln’s Inn Fields WC2 for march to Whitehall

Organised by Camden Trades Council, which says:
“Wednesday 20 October is a milestone in the Coalition government’s drive to attack the public sector workforce and the communities who rely on the services. Millionaire Chancellor George Osborne MP will announce details of his Comprehensive Spending Review, a package of spending cuts that threaten to put hundreds of thousands more on the dole, plunge the economy into a double-dip recession and roll back remaining gains of the welfare state.
The ConDem coalition has used the deficit, resulting almost entirely from the trillion-pound bail-out of the banks and financial institutions, as an excuse for pursuing spending cuts that would have exceeded Margaret Thatcher’s wildest dreams. Meanwhile, for those who triggered the financial crisis, it is back to business as usual, with Barclays Bank appointing its new boss Bob Diamond on a salary of some £11million and Lloyds-TSB chief Eric Daniels receiving a retirement package worth an estimated £14million after his bank received £20billion from taxpayers to keep it from crashing. We are most definitely not all in this together.
Even before the CSR announcement, we already know that:

  • Hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs are at risk, including 30,000 across London’s local councils over the next three years
  • Hundreds of millions in capital investment has been lost with the scrapping of school repair and rebuilding projects
  • Thousands will face the prospect of leaving London or sleeping rough with the imposition of Housing Benefit caps
  • Five thousand London firefighters face the sack and the imposition of new shift patterns that will increase the risk of fatal fires at night in Londoners’ homes
  • The wholesale sell-off of Royal Mail is back on the cards
  • Ordinary consumers face a big hike in VAT from January 2011 while taxes on corporate profits drop from 27% to 24%.

The TUC has made a welcome call for a Lobby of Parliament on Tuesday October 19 and pledged further co-ordinated action in the weeks and months ahead. October 20 offers us a crucial chance to make our voices heard now and start building for future action.
That’s why trade unionists, pensioners, tenants, students, disabled people and service users’ groups should all take to the streets on the day of the CSR to show our determination to save jobs and services, and defeat this horrific offensive on the jobs and living standards of millions of working class people.”

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