A bit more on benefits

A quick follow-up to my last post, on the impact of the planned changes to housing benefit to Kilburn and other parts of Camden and Brent.

Today the Guardian published my letter rebutting claims by Lib Dem Camden councillor Chris Naylor dowplaying the impact of the proposals.

Nice of the Guardian to host a debate between two Camden councillors (it’s not the Kilburn Times orthe CNJ, after all!).  But the key point I wanted to make is that some selective quoting of a survey won’t wish away the scale of what the Government’s changes will cause. 

A survey of private landlords found that three-fifths would evict tenants who couldn’t afford their rent due to benefit changes – not, as Cllr Naylor argued, that less than half of landlords may not.

In another development, the Guardian’s excellent London blogger Dave Hill has posted here and here  this week on some interesting letters he has unearthed from Tory Westminster council. In these housing chief Cllr Phillippa Roe acknowledges the potential impact in her borough of the planned changes, but instead of challenging the policy, she argues for a relaxation on councils’ legal responsibility to look after people made homeless.  (There’s other detail too, and worth reading for those that are following the debate.)

Its and interesting way of getting out of the problem these changes will create in central London. An alternative is not to implement the benefit caps in the first place!

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