Unfair fare rises from Boris and Osborne

Today I joined Labour Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone and Labour campaigners at West Hampstead tube to protest against the Mayor’s latest fare rises on tubes, trains and buses.

Since becoming Mayor in 2008 Boris has raised the price of a single Oyster bus fare by a massive 44%, from 90p in 2008 to £1.30 this year. At the same time he has chosen to blow millions on vanity projects such as the new routemaster bus, costing £11 million, and on scrapping the Western extention of the congestion charge zone, costing £50 million. Londoners are paying more in fares as a direct consequence of Boris’s decision to fund these pet projects.

The combination of the rise in fares and George Osborne’s VAT rise will squeeze the standard of living in Camden and across London.

Boris Johnson’s January fare hikes mean:

– A single bus journey is up by 8% this week – this fare is now up 44% under Boris Johnson, from 90p when he was elected.
– A zone 1-4 weekly travelcard will rise from £34.60 to £39.40, or £249.46 a year more.
– The price of a weekly bus and tram pass is up 7%, to £17.80 – up 36.9% since Boris Johnson was elected.
– A zone 1-6 annual travelcard will rise 13%, up from £1,784 to £2,016.
– An annual rail season ticket from Erith to London Bridge will rise by 12.7%, up from £1448 to £1632.
– A zone 1-2 monthly travelcard breaks through the £100 barrier for the first time.

London Labour has organised a petition against the fares increase – you can sign it by clicking here.

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