Consulting on cuts

Now the everyone has come back from the Xmas and New Year break, I’ve already had a number of people asking me about the next steps for Camden’s financial strategy – i.e. when will cuts in particular areas be finalised, voted on and implemented.

One aspect of the whole financial settlement from the Con-Dem government is the breakneck speed at which it is forcing councils to cut.  We have to set a budget at our council meeting at the end of February.  We didn’t find out how much grant we are actually getting from Whitehall until December.  Which means we have to take a lot of  difficult decisions very fast.

Alongside wider engagement about the proposals (like our Area Action Group meeting, about which I blogged here), the council is running statutory consultations on a number of changes.

Camden has helpfully published on its website this handy list of statutory consultations on changes to service, increase in charges etc. which are currently underway and those which will be held in the future.

The statutory consultations which are currently open are on changes to :

  • Adult social care contributions policy
  • Council housing management
  • Tenants and leaseholder services
  • Council housing repairs service
  • Improving and integrating customer services in housing management

All of these can be accessed by clicking through on the link above.  If you use one of these services, please do share your views with the council.

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