Meet Brent Council’s leader and discuss cuts

Brent Council’s area consultative forum for the Kilburn area is tonight, Wednesday January 12.

It is at 7pm at Queen’s Park Community School, Ayleston Avenue, NW6 7BQ.

Cllr Ann John will explain how Brent Council is trying to cope with savage , unprecedented, unnecessary and unnecessarily hasty cuts by the ConDem Government.

Cllr John said: “Government cuts will affect us all, so I expect them to dominate the agenda. I hope many people will come and have their say at the area forums. It’s vital I and my administration hear local people’s priorities, as we face these very tough decisions.”

In 2011/12 Brent Council needs to save £38m.

Cllr John added: “Unfortunately we cannot continue to provide the same level of services with a quarter of our funding removed. Some services are statutory which means we have to provide them, so it’s the other services that we have to look at.”

The area forums are a chance for residents to discuss and debate local issues with councillors and fellow residents and give people a direct say about the issues that matter to them.

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