Protest at Boris’s secret London Tory Conference

Students, trade unionists, local councillors and residents are uniting for a day of action this Saturday (26 February) to protests at the cuts facing London by the Conservative led government at their secret London Conference.

The Secret London Conservative Conference is planned to launch Boris Johnson’s mayoral re-election bid, and has been largely hidden from the public, but the Save EMA campaign hopes to let the cat out of the… bag. Boris Johnson is due to give a key note speech and also Secretary of State for Transports Phillip Hammond MP will also give a speech. For details see:

Save EMA is calling for the action as part of their campaign to save the education maintenance allowance (EMA), but are working with other anti-cuts groups such as UK Uncut and local political parties like Hammersmith Labour party. The action comes after the local Conservative run Council in their Budget on Wednesday night announced cuts to Sure Start centres, selling off 8 local building, closing homeless shelter and youth centres. At the event attended by many local residents a multiple amputee was evicted from the council chamber.

More details on the protests will be posted on as they are known.

The protests is organised by the Save EMA campaign, UK Uncut and the Local Hammersmith Labour party and thousands of Londoners have been invited to attend.

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