Victory for campaign as Netherwood gets reprieve

Regular readers of this blog will know my fellow councillors and I have been supporting the campaign to save Netherwood Day Centre for older people with dementia and other mental health needs.

Mike, Thomas and Maryam join Jane Clinton (far right) as she hands her petition on Netherwood to Cllr Pat Callaghan (on far left) at the last Full Council

Great news came for the campaign this afternoon when the papers for the next Camden Cabinet meeting on 6 April were published, including a report on recommendations arising from the consultation on adult social care savings.    

One of the key recommendations of this paper was that the proposal to close Netherwood and integrate its services with Raglan House in Kentish Town should be withdrawn whilst “officers continue to explore options for a new, integrated and purpose-built centre in the future”.

Realistically, this means that Netherwood will stay open for at least two more years – though we will continue to fight to defend it as a purpose-built centre with an exceptional track record.

More importantly, it gives us time to market its excellent services to users and their carers in neighbouring boroughs, to give the Centre additional income and make it more secure financially, as outlined in a recent blog post on the issue.

All credit is due to Jane Clinton and her exceptional, not to mention star-studded, campaign¸ and also to Cllr Pat Callaghan, the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care who has always been really receptive to our lobbying on the issue.

More than anything else, it shows that credible, reasonable opposition can succeed, and that Camden’s consultations aren’t always a foregone conclusion.

In difficult times, it’s nice to have some good news as we struggle to protect public services from the Coalition’s cuts.

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