Football match raises hundreds for East Africa famine appeal

Camden’s councillors showed they shouldn’t let their feet do the talking in a charity football match at Kilburn Grange park on Saturday.

The cross-party rag-tag of councillors were trounced 5-2 by a youthful team from the Somali Cultural Centre, which is based in Kingsgate Community Centre, in a game which was organised to raise funds for the East Africa famine appeal.

Afterwards Cllr Maryam Eslamdoust, who helped organised the game, said: “Our charity football match was a great success thanks to Awale Olad, Murad Qureshi, Sean Birch, Theo Blackwell, Tom Simon, Thomas Gardiner, Rahel Bokth and my friend Ali Ghadamsi who all played valiantly against the Somali Cultural Centre in aid of the East African Famine.

“Their efforts helped raise £520 so far which will be donated via the Disasters and Emergency Crisis Appeal, so thank you to all those who contributed.

“Donors gave generously, a gracious thank you to Ubah Egal from the Somali Cultural Centre for initiating the football match and providing a Somali feast for us afterwards.  Many thanks to Awale Olad, Mike Katz, Murad Qureshi, Flick Rae, Keith Moffitt, Rahel Bokth, Tom Simon, Pat Callaghan, Roger Robinson, Phil Jones, Theo Blackwell, Thomas Gardiner, Sean Birch and Valerie Leach. If anyone would like to donate, it is not too late to do so, please email me with your pledges.

“A heartfelt thanks to Roger Robinson for presenting his family’s Leslie Robinson Memorial Cup to the winning team and agreeing to engrave it. His assistance was incredibly helpful and allowed to make the event so special.”

Both teams celebrate the money raised for the famine appeal (and the councillors celebrate the match being over!)


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