Latest figures show clear need for new NW6 school

**Primary school for NW6 campaign update**

We’ve had a great response to our campaign for a new primary school in NW6 so far – which is just as well given these new figures which show how singularly bad the position in Camden is west of the Finchley Road.

The latest figures from Camden show that, with the Autumn term nearly over, as of 1 Dec there were still six children in Camden without an offer of a primary school place (see table below).

All of these kids live in wards in the north-west of the borough – and all but one live in Fortune Green, West Hampstead or Kilburn wards.

The numbers for mid-Oct only serve to reinforce this pictue – with all eight pupils without a place at that time from these three wards.

This evidence shows beyond doubt that the problem of a lack of primary places is worst west of the Finchley Road.

And that’s just at the moment.  Given the additional residential developments  expected in what you might call the ‘north-west corridor’ – from the Abbey regeneration in the south of my ward, Kilburn, to 1 Mill Lane at the top of Fortune Green – there are going to be many new families moving into the area.

We should not just try to meet demand, but to build some capacity into the system.  Camden has mooted a primary school in West Hampstead before, but we need to ensure officers understand the nature of the problem properly, and that any new school is two-form entry.

So please sign our petition if you haven’t already doneb so, and encourage others to do the same.

Latest figures show wards in Camden with unplaced pupils are almost all west of the Finchley Road. Source: LB of Camden



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