More than two-thirds of unplaced pupils live west of Finchley Rd

** NW6 primary school campaign update **

The latest figures from Camden following the offer of primary school places highlight that the overwhelming demand in the borough for additional primary school places lies west of the Finchley Road.

Of the 153 children across Camden who hadn’t received an offer of a primary school place as of 1 May, 104 – more than two-thirds – live west of the Finchley Road (see pie chart).

As the map from Camden’s own school planning department below shows, there is a strong concentration of unplaced pupils in Fortune Green, West Hampstead, Kilburn wards, plus the western half of Swiss Cottage ward.

Labour councillors and activists have been leading a campaign calling on Camden council to build a new primary school in NW6, to deal with the ongoing demand over the last few years which vastly outstrips supply.

For instance, last year there were still a handful of children without a primary school place in NW6 as late as Christmas – pupils who missed a whole term of school.  This didn’t happen anywhere else in the borough.

Even though local schools Emmanuel and Kingsgate are each taking a one-off bulge class of 30 extra pupils this year, there will still be 44 children – equivalent to another entire class and a half – without a place.

This shows we desperately need a new primary school in NW6. These new figures prove beyond doubt that this is where the real demand in the borough lies.

If the current pressure on schools weren’t enough, just consider the additional demand for places which will be generated by the many new developments planned for the area, like the Abbey regeneration in Kilburn and those such as ‘West End Square’ in West Hampstead. All these schemes will mean more families in NW6, and thus more demand for primary places.

Of course, not having a school place is hugely disruptive for the education of those children affected, and extremely stressful for their parents.

Local Labour counillors will continue to speak up for local parents and campaign with the area’s Labour activists to press for a new school in NW6.



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